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Bore Pump Generators

Posted on 13 October 2017
Bore Pump Generators

Many people use a generator to run a submersible pump, to pump water out of a bore.

These generators normally will run for long hours so fuel consumption, reliability & availability of spare parts should be important considerations when purchasing a generator set for this application. Generator sizing is critical; it needs to be able to handle the high start current of the pump and be sufficiently loaded once the pump is running, to prevent the engine from glazing. This is why we build generators specifically for running bore pumps, this way we can ensure the generator is ideally suited for the job and will give optimum fuel economy and service life. 

What size generator do I need to run my submersible pump? It is a common question we get asked, and there are some details which we need to know to work it out for you. The pump starting method for example: soft start, DOL, Start delta, Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can all affect which generator will suit best. Also, it's important to consider what type of generator start/stop system you want to have, i.e. a basic key start with engine shutdown protection with the option of a countdown timer, or an auto start/stop system which can be operated by a programmable time clock. Either of these can have provision for pressure switch shutdown as well. We have developed our own multi-function Auto-power control panel which is simple to use and very reliable.

Contact us directly on 1800 436 738 to discuss your needs and see why our bore pump generators have become the generator of choice from many customers from large pastoral companies to household use!


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