100kva Kohler KD110

Posted on 15 February 2021
100kva Kohler KD110

This 100kva Kohler KD110 is going to run a hydraulic press in a situation where the factory has exceeded their mains power supply capacity.

This unit has a bunded 500ltr fuel tank base, and we have fitted it up with 3phase and single outlets outlets with earth leakage. It is also has an onboard loadbank fitted with auto load sensing controls, this is because in this application the generator can run for extended periods while the hydraulic press is being programmed/repaired or during tooling changes etc. The controls sense when there is minimal load on the generator after a set time delay and then switches the load bank on, thus preventing harmful engine glazing problems! When the load returns the loadbank is instantly dropped off.

Ask us about retrofitting a load bank into your existing generator, or order your new generator from us with a load bank all ready to go!



Radio Start Generators

Posted on 12 January 2021
Radio Start Generators

Heavy duty diesel generator fitted with radio remote start system.

This generator set is fitted with a heavy duty radio start stop system to allow the user to start and stop the generator from inside their house. It is also fitted with a control system that allows the generator to both start and shutdown unloaded, and also have a cool down time before it shuts down. It is very important that generators with any type of auto start system can start up and shut down without electrical load connected, otherwise damage can occur to the electrical equipment and the generator set.

Please contact us or Freecall 1800 436 738 for more information on radio start/stop systems for generator sets!

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Diesel Backup Generator

Posted on 23 September 2020
Diesel Backup Generator

The storm season is approaching, how long can you be without power?

Our customers are telling us that it seems to be taking longer & longer to get power restored following outages. Sometimes the mains power can be out for days or over a week!
They need to have a reliable diesel backup generator that they can depend on, which is why they come to us for a solution.
This unit is powered by a genuine Kubota 1500rpm diesel engine, fitted with a heavy duty copper radiator suitable for high ambient temperatures. It is fitted with an automatic mains fail start changeover panel that is pre wired to the generator which makes installation simple for the installing electrician.
This automatic mains fail system will monitor the mains power, so that if the mains power fails the generator will start and switch over to generator supply automatically. When the mains power returns and is stable, it then switches back to mains supply and stops the generator.

Our backup generators can be supplied as key start, automatic mains failure start, or remote start.

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Generator Bunded Base Fuel Tanks

Posted on 25 August 2020
Generator Bunded Base Fuel Tanks

Custom built bunded base fuel tanks for generators, up to 5000ltr. 

To suit remote sites or long running prime power applications. Neater, more compact and more secure than using a separate free standing fuel tank no unsightly fuel lines running across the ground creating potential fuel leak disasters!

Check out our long range base fuel tanks for generators sets, custom made to fit neatly under the generator set.
Fuel filler, connections and fuel lines can normally be located internally to protect against weather and tampering.
Options include fuel level & bund level monitoring and alarms including integration with generator control system, fork pockets, lifting points and colour coding to match generator colour.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, or Freecall 1800 436 738 to speak with our friendly staff today.


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Diesel Generator For Off Grid Solar System

Posted on 24 August 2020
Diesel Generator For Off Grid Solar System

Heavy duty generators for off grid solar backup.

We supply a range of generators in open and enclosed configurations for solar applications.
Generators for solar backup applications must be reliable, correctly sized, and produce quality power.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, or Freecall 1800 436 738 to speak with our friendly staff today!

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