Air Cooled Diesel Generators

Posted on 5 April 2019

Air cooled diesel generators have been long regarded as very reliable, fuel efficient, low maintenance & simple to maintain.

We build quality air cooled diesel generators using engines such as Deutz, Lister & Hatz.
With no water jacket, radiator or coolant, these engines don't have the problems that can be caused by erosion and cavitation in the cooling system, water pump failure, radiator & hose leaks, and no freezing of the water jacket in sub zero temperatures. Just make sure the cooling fins, blower fan & fan belts are clean & in good condition. They also suit use in high ambient temperature conditions.

Is an air cooled diesel right for you?

Our generator specialists can give you advice today, contact us on 07 5446 7788 or send an enquiry.


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Generator Sets and Diesel Engine Glazing

Posted on 29 March 2019

Engine glazing can cause major problems in generator sets when they're too lightly loaded.

This is often caused by the generator not being sized correctly in the first place. It is critical that a generator is sized correctly especially when the load is constantly the same, to prevent glazing and also to be fuel efficient.
Operating diesel engines at light loads for extended periods of time can cause glazing to the cylinder bores. This occurs because poor combustion can lead to soot formation and unburnt fuel residue which clogs & gums up piston rings which causes the piston rings to not seal as well. Glazing of the cylinder bores occurs when hot combustion gases blow past the now poorly sealing piston rings and creates a glaze on the cylinder bore & increased oil consumption. This can lead to oil entering the exhaust, heavy carbon build up on: pistons, piston rings & ring grooves, valves & valve guides, cylinder head ports & exhaust pipes, and turbocharger seals on turbo charged engines.

If this is caught in early stages, increasing the load on the generator can burn the residues away, however if it is left unchecked, the engine can be damaged to point where it has to be rebuilt or replaced.

It is well worthwhile making sure the generator is correctly sized for your situation, for assistance please contact us on 07 5446 7788.



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Generator Suit 2.2kw 1 Phase Submersible Pump on Sale!

Posted on 22 March 2019
Generator Suit 2.2kw 1 Phase Submersible Pump on Sale!

Heavy duty Allpower built diesel generator to suit a 2.2kw 1 phase submersible pump, we have a limited number on sale!

This is a quality Australian made generator that is built by us to last in our conditions and climate. Fitted with a 1500rpm 3 cylinder Kubota generator spec diesel engine, oversized brushless Meccalte alternator, and our reliable basic key start shutdown panel. Fuel efficient & reliable. This generator is available with a range of options including; Auto start/stop, timeclock start/stop, outlets, fuel tanks & more. This generator is one of a full range of open & enclosed style generators we have to suit bore pumps in both 3Phase 415 volt & single phase 240 volt output.

Contact us to find out why our generators will outlast the rest!

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Generator for Center Pivot Irrigator

Posted on 15 March 2019

A diesel generator is often used to power a centre pivot irrigator or lateral irrigator where there is no mains power available.

We offer a heavy duty, reliable range of generator sets to suit this application. Sometimes the generator is also used to run the main irrigation pump, supplying water to the pivot or lateral irrigator. There are several important factors to consider when selecting the right generator for this job, and we can custom build so you get the ideal generator for the job. With choice of air cooled or water cooled engines from leading manufacturers such as Kubota, Perkins, Yanmar, Caterpillar, Deutz, Hatz and many more.

Contact us to find out more about generators to suit center pivot irrigators and lateral irrigators.



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Generator for Solar Backup

Posted on 8 March 2019
Generator for Solar Backup

We offer diesel generators for off grid solar backup.

The generator is normally fitted with an auto start system that suits solar integration, as the starting & stopping of the generator is controlled by the solar inverter. The purpose of having a backup generator for a solar system is to charge the batteries if they are getting low due to cloudy weather or rain, and some solar systems load share onto the generator if extra power is required. Not every generator is suitable for solar system backup power which is why we recommend discussing your requirements with us when making your decision. Our range of quality 1500rpm diesel generators are designed to give you reliable backup power, as well as being economical to run.

Talk to the generator experts on 1800 436 738 or send an enquiry for more information on backup generators for solar.


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